North Carolina Public Paddlesports Association

Welcome to the North Carolina Public Paddlesports Association

The North Carolina Public Paddlesports Association is an organization of professional outfitters committed to providing the safest and most exciting whitewater rafting, canoeing, and kayaking adventures possible.

  1. Contact a professional outfitter for information and service.
  2. Call ahead for river or weather conditions.
  3. Select a trip that meets your or your group’s needs.
  4. Bring family and friends along.
  5. Don’t P.U.I.; paddle under the influence.
  6. Leave the pets at home.
  7. Pack it in, pack it out. Do not litter.
  8. Don’t trespass where posted. Some rivers flow through private land.
  9. Respect all river users: fisherman, other boaters, swimmers and wildlife.
  10. Always wear your PFD, Personal Flotation Device.

With the rising popularity of inflatables for paddlesports, we’ve received an increasing number of related questions by the public. As such, we recommend taking a look at when considering the purchase of inflatable devices.

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